What's the difference between a Picture and a Photo?

One Photo worths a thousand words, Yes but what makes a photo a good  photos? If you can tell a story with one single frame, then its a Photo , not a picture. This is what we do, we tell your story with one single picture, In fact we turn it into something emotional and valuable. Since internet helped billions surfing, buying and enjoying online life, we believe good photo help everyone to enjoy. Ita key tool to promote your business, your ideas, your logos.

What we do is understand your ideas and create stories, sketches. then make them something meaningful, something people can recall easily.

Let us help you and make an awesome art together.


A-Z Film Production

Synergy Motion is a film company which is located at Los Angeles area and  provides film production services  for 11 years.  Synergy Motion is award winning production company which  IMDB based  production services, and helped many people, especially artists to create and screen several features films, short films and documentaries. 

What Can we do for you?

Bring your idea, Our Professional team will help you to turn your art into a movie.

Pre-Production​:  Story telling, Scripting, Actors-Director-Producers

and Crew, Scheduling, Location Finding crew/Directors

Production : Filming and equipment, Crew

Post-Production : Editing, Coloring, After effects

Online-Offline marketing consulting






You have a business and need to be known or reach more customers?

For last 8 years, we help our clients to reach more people and grown their business by our video marketing services that we find your demography and reach them with t efficient marketing but minimum budget.

How We do that?

 First of all we think like your customers and find different ways to think out of Box for better marketing. We value every human being and understand what they need. We promote your business with best story to reach your demograph. If One photo worth a thousand words, We can say One good Video worth a million words.  




You can use social media  or not, its a fact that Social platforms are new life style for everyone. Since Facebook reached several billion users,  Google bought Youtube,  Instagram and snapcaht are sold, seems like its not stopping and social platforms look new ways to become part of our lives. If there is a buyer, there is always a seller. Lets understand how social media works and whats the best way to turn it into a marketing spot for your business.

No matter what you produce, or what you sell. We guarantee that there is someone look for your product and keep checking webs. We , in that point, eliminate unnecessary obligations and help you to reach more users by simple solutions.