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Lia - Dancer
Event Promo

Lia is an accomplished dancer renowned for her captivating performances and innovative choreography. Trained in multiple dance styles from a young age, Lia has honed her skills to become a versatile artist with a unique blend of grace, strength, and expression. Her performances are characterized by fluid movements and emotional depth, captivating audiences and earning her widespread acclaim in the dance community. Lia's passion for her craft shines through in every performance, inspiring others and pushing the boundaries of contemporary dance.

Model/Dancer: Lia-Queen of the Stage

Choreography: Lia

Production: Synergy Motion Production

Director: Mehmet Guney

Camera & Edit: Mehmet Guney

Synergy Motion Production 2024

All Rights Reserved 

Queen of The Stage - Lia

Queen of the Stage - Lia Second Clip 

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