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Synergy Motion provides services all about scripting and pitching that includes;

Script writing, script polishing, script doctoring, ghost writing, presentation packages, original content & script, and production services. 
Bring your ideas, we will write it for you



Speak with our Director-Producer M. Guney to discuss your projects, and /or any questions, or topics relating to film, content development

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1 Hr    $250


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Script Polishing

A pair of professional eyes is always needed to make sure your imagination translates to paper correctly, especially for grammar, spelling errors and completeness of meaning.

-Rates depends on page count

Performing Surgery

Script Doctoring

Your story may be good, but if the other person does not understand it, there is something wrong with the narrative.  We analyze each story scene by scene and then work with you to come up with the best material.

-Rates depends on page count

Typewriter Keys

Script Writing
(Ghost Writer)

Bring your ideas, we will write it for you. No matter how small or big it is.


-Short Film (up to 30 pages) 

-Feature Film (Up to 120 Pages)

-Ghost Writing (No credit taken)

-Rates depends on page count

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Buy A Script
Original Content

Our team has produced dozens of screenplays for approximately 14 years. These include short films, feature films and hundreds of stories. If you would like to evaluate or buy registered original content scripts in drama, action,  sci-fi, or comedy genres, please contact us.

-Rates depends on Script

Film Production


You have a script or an idea, but you don't know how to make a movie. We provide you with production service from A to Z.



-Post Production

-Rates depends on Production

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